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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an online professional capable of providing a variety of skill-set driven support services. Not necessarily limited to any area of administrative support, a virtual assistant can provide technical & operational support as well. Think of them as your strategic partner for getting things done.

Virtual Task TEAM Assistants, get more done!

At Virtual TaskTEAM, a professional Virtual Assistant can support your business with any number of specialty services, providing you with the efficiency needed right from the start. For the most part, there is zero training required, and that’s why all of our plan start with a free consultation so that we can learn all about your business and your needs.

Imagine being able to get support in any area you delegate… getting access to real time updates, and only having one point of contact.  Never having to deal with credit systems, or bids, or reviewing endless proposals. With Virtual Task TEAM you get access to local professional, that are professional, friendly and exceedingly knowledgeable, and most of all – ready to work.

Small businesses get access to BIG resources

Being a small business doesn’t mean you have to act like it (Learn More). At Virtual TaskTEAM you have access to big business resources with out the expense. Use us as little or much as you like. We ensure that your plans are flexible allowing you to get real support and savings. With transparent plans, visibility and access to your team and real time updates – we give our clients the trust and support they need, so they can grow their business the smart way.


  • All Plans are in Canadian Funds
  • Free Consultation for all plans
  • Complimentary Planning Calls (**)
  • Month to month time rollover (*)
  • Unlimited tasks per plan
  • Combine any of our solutions to create the perfect task list
  • Dedicated Project Manager for all plans

Customize your tasks anyway you’d like!

*See Terms for details
** See Plans for details


Think of us as your very own back office team – as all of our services are available, to support your business needs. To learn more about our solutions, click here

Just a Few Way’s a Virtual TaskTEAM Assistant can support you

With services stemming from scheduling and event planning


Reoccurring Tasks:   With flexible plans, you determine which tasks should be set up and when.

Tasks can be set to reoccur

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly


*After-hours Service:  With online start ups and small businesses on the rise, many of our clients are in transition from Employee to Entrepreneur.  We proudly offer you the flexible plans that are able to provide your with Virtual Support after hours.

(*See terms)

The TEAM in Virtual TaskTEAM

…is capitalized for a reason. We work exceptionally well with our Freelance & Project Management Team, as all of our teammates are active members of our environment. That means they ‘want’ to be here and they really do enjoy it! Our clients always have one point of contact, which is managed by a dedicated Project Manager. They navigate tasks required and assign work to the appropriate associate. Everyone on your team has a signed (Non-Disclosure Agreement) NDA, and our clients love the fact that they get the security they need, when we get things done.

We strive to offer you the best in service & delivery. Contact us on how we can support your business growth.

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