Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are a few common questions asked by clients that can help as a reference for you.

Do all program plans include a free consultation?

Absolutely! We feel it’s important that we connect with you right from the beginning. Our consultations include a free needs assessment, which can help you with not only your short term goals, but also in identifying your long term needs as well.

Your always able to connect with your Account Manager/PM, but this is also a great way to connect with us, and collaborate on your business.

How do I sign up for a program plan?

All sign ups are completed on line via our handy website. Once you have identified a program with an appropriate amount of hours, select it and complete the sign up process.

If you’re unsure of how many hours you’ll need, not to worry – you can change, add additional time, any time.

What is the 'role' of a Project Manager?

Your Project Manager (or PM) supports you as an account manager, but also ensures that your tasked requirements are assigned and completed in a timely manner. They remove the red-tape for yourself and  virtual assistants that are completing the tasks. Your Project Manager is your main point of contact, and is there to support the needs of your business  so that you can get back to doing what you love.

When will my Virtual Assistant be available?

Our Virtual Assistants are typically available during regular business hours from Monday thru Friday. However, we understand that the needs of every business can be quite unique, and can collaborate on the perfect schedule to support your business.

Can my Virtual Assistant use my online tools and software?

Not a problem! Our team can support all online, cloud based VPN tools that are internet accessible.

You can train your Virtual Assistant on your business system processes if required, but for the most part they are quite tech savvy and ready to get to work.

Once I have selected my plan, are there any additional fee's?

All Virtual assistant plans are inclusive and will not incur additional charges. Your virtual assist can be in integral part of your team, using any number of online tools and software at no additional charge.

Our Web Design/Development service is billed separately from our Virtual Assistant packages.

How are Virtual Assistants assigned?

Once your task list is ready for action – Your dedicated Project Manager will select & assign Virtual Assistants from our team to get your tasks completed.

How many tasks can I assign to my Virtual Assistant?

Unlimited tasks means just that. Create your task list and we’ll work on your tasks. Prioritize your tasks and we’ll start with the tasks that are most urgent.

Will my hours roll over month-to-month?

We’re here to help, and make getting things done, easier. If you have not used all of program hours for plans greater than 10 hours, your time will roll over up to 10 days into the proceeding month.

Are your program plans flexible?

Absolutely – you can add time, place plans on hold up to 20 days or cancel at any time.

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