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Task team is a collective of like-minded individuals that form a mighty team of freelance professionals. We pride ourselves on a collaborative team environment, that ensures the needs of our clients are met with excellence in mind, and that everyone is an active member and resource within our community.   q


More than just an opportunity to work from home …

If you are a skilled result driven professional, that is dependable with a strong work ethic – connect with us!


At Task Team we welcome skilled professionals, committed to excellence and employment independence.

We strive to keep you busy, and doing what you love and what you are good at!

Experience & Skillset0%
Business Excellence0%

We’ve created an atmosphere that’s fun, and an environment that allows professionals to keep working! We want to ensure that each freelancer is a fit and qualified for our environment. At no time, will we risk the relationship of our clients and our brand which is why we have established terms of service that convey what we are about, and how each freelancer can continue to be apart of our award winning service solution.


Zero Assignment bids

Zero Proposals Required

Zero credits required

Experienced qualified professionals

Limited Freelance Seats for an active team

Project Manager Support

Membership Active Team

Freelancers are Associates / Independent Contractors not employees

Weekly Payouts

Pay rates between $11.50 to $25.00 per hour

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  • Reside in Canada or USA

  • Experienced

  • Fluent Communicator (English) Written/Verbal

  • Interviewed + Tested

  • Membership Active

We have a nonsense approach to sourcing our talent pool. We want to ensure that we have the right people working on our team and championing each task. In our community each day is different – and we want keep you doing what your skilled at and enjoy.

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