Updated August 2016

Freelance Terms and Conditions

At Task Team we welcome skilled professionals, committed to excellence and employment independence. We will strive to keep you busy, and doing what you love and what you are good.

We want to keep North America working and actively doing what we love!


Our terms are quite simple, and are here to assist you in navigating to success.

We’ve prided ourselves in establishing freelance environment that allows each freelancer to be successful.

  • Zero assignment bidding
  • Zero proposals required
  • Zero credits required
  • Limited freelancer seating to ensure an active environment
  • Team lead supported assignments
  • Membership active freelance team


We’ve created an atmosphere that’s fun, and an environment that allows professionals to keep working! We want to ensure that each freelance is a fit and qualified for our environment. At no time, will we risk the relationship of our clients and our brand from un-savvy behavior, negligence or intentional service disruptions; which is why we have established terms of service that convey what we are about and how each freelancer can continue to be apart of our award winning service solution.


Tasking with Task Team

It’s simple: We remove the red tape from the freelance environment.

  • Create your availability
  • Bring your “A-game” doing what you love!
  • Connect with a strong team & great work environment
  • Assigned tasks based on your skillset/specialty (experience is an AWESOME teacher)
  • Complete your tasks by deadline
  • Get paid on Monday ‘s for completed/approved tasks
  • Work on your scheduled time from the comfort of your home office
  • Maintain your independence as a freelancer

How to get started Tasking with Task Team

Sign up+Membership, Interview, Testing  & Non-disclosure Agreement(NDA)


The Task Team environment maintains a strict code of working with great freelancers/independent contractors that have and maintained solid skills and a great attitude!

  • Complete the sign up process as well as membership dues and we will verify your identity and work history
  • Connect with us, for an Interview to review your past work (3 references required)
  • Complete your Testing should be completed within 5 days of sign up
  • Complete Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Start tasking!


Your role, responsibility and commitment

  • As a Task Team freelancer you are an independent contractor.
  • You have been selected based on your tested skillset and commitment via membership.
  • Your role is to execute, and complete assigned tasks, upon which you will be paid for your completed tasks
  • You can cancel your membership at any time (see cancellation process)


Tools Needed to work with us

  • Quite well organized work area
  • Un-interrupted internet access
  • Dedicated phone
  • Skype video access


Membership – Why do I need to purchase a membership?

  • Simple: Membership ensures that each freelancer is serious about Tasking within Task Team
  • Eliminates spam, and other unwanted soliciting
  • Confirms that each freelancer is aware of the terms by which they are freelancing
  • Assists in maintaining tools, internal team incentives & secures coverage


Ethical Standards:

The Task Team environment prides itself on the highest standard of ethics, and will not compromise their standards or brand through unethical practices. We’ve done our best in establishing an in-house environment that is based on collaboration and unity around honest communication and adhering to the terms and role requirements outlined. We want to keep North American professionals actively working and doing what they love. As such we expect no less from our freelance/independent contract team.

Freelancers must provide:

  • Verification of identity
  • Accurate and valid information at sign up
  • Keep confidential: login access credentials to Task Team portal, and any and all client information and any/all pertinent details


Any actions deemed malicious, scandalous and with intent to cause harm or as a result of actions resulting in damage to our clients and or the Task Team brand or environment, as well as damage to other freelancers – will result in a freelancers’ immediate removal from our environment and further legal action(s) not limited to the damaged incurred by Task Team or by our clients, and other freelancers as a result of behavior, or actions that are harmful. Your cooperation in maintaining the highest standard of work ethic is greatly appreciated.


  Five Requirements for Freelancing with Taskteam

  1. Must reside in Canada or The United States of America (USA)
  2. Must have experience
  3. Must be a fluent communicator in English (written and verbal)
  4. Must be Interviewed/tested
  5. Must have an active membership

Confidentiality agreement: why we have it, what this means to our clients

  • Our clients appreciate our professionalism and contribution to servicing their tasks, and confidentiality is just another way we assist them
  • All Task Team freelancers must review and sign a confidentiality agreement in order to freelance with the Task Team


Team Leads: Why we have them, How they help, what they can do

  • Team leads bridge the gap in conveying the needs of the client as well requesting required clarity for our freelancers
  • Team leads assist in navigating assignments as well as ensuring that the needs of the client are at the forefront of the assignment.
  • Team Leads can also provide review of Freelancer completed assignments prior to client approval


Your Profile: Contact Information & schedule

  • It is the freelancer’s responsibility to keep an updated profile which includes your contact information
  • It’s imperative that you have an updated schedule, and confirmed availability
  • We rely on this information to keep you tasking

Profile Sharing

  • What is Profile Sharing “freelancers sharing profile login credentials” and assignments
  • Deemed a violation of service and fraudulent resulting in removal from our environment
  • Only the confirmed freelancer can and should have access to the assigned profile and login credentials
  • Only the confirmed freelancer should be completing assigned tasks
  • Any behavior outside of the freelance terms creates an environment of mistrust and will result in immediate suspension/cancellation of profile – without refund of membership and forfeit of payout on active pending payouts.

Freelancer Term Violation

  • Violation of terms will result in NCR and may also result in termination of freelancer membership
  • Will result in forfeit of membership dues
  • Forfeit of any pay out of on pending payout assignments or current assignments
  • This is not limited to behavior which may result harm or damage to the needs of a Task Team client or Task Team Lead or environment or reputation
  • This may also include client complaint

While it should be obvious, here are some examples of actions which are deemed a violation of our terms include any actions that are fraudulent:

  • Profile Sharing
  • Fraudulent credentials
  • Service interruption
  • Poor task/assignment completion (NCR)
  • Excessive support needs / inability to perform tasks required
  • Malicious behavior
  • Unprofessional behavior
  • Plagiarism
  • Any/all Illegal acts deemed in violation of Canadian law and American law


Assigned tasks, confirming assigned tasks (in progress), completed tasks

  • Once a task is assigned, a freelancer will receive an email alert advising that you have a task to accept
  • Tasks are assigned during your scheduled availability
  • The value of each tasked assignment will be entered and available for view prior to assigning each task.
  • The payout potential is available for view, within each assigned task, within the Task Team environment
  • Access to specific assignments are kept only to assignee’s – unauthorized freelancers will not have access to assignments that are not applicable to them.
  • It is the freelancer’s responsibility to accept or decline the task within the required alert time (within hour)
  • All tasks are assigned based on your skillset and availability
  • Click on Confirm/accept (button) – the task to begin tasking
  • If you decline the task (button), you will not be obligated to the task/ you will lose access to the task as it will be reassigned to another freelancer
  • Inactivity on “unacceptance” or “un-declined” task (during freelancer availability) will result in account NCR
  • Each freelancer will need to provide an (EOD) status update for the currently assigned task


Inactive Accounts:

  • Unresponsive accounts can cause a disruption of deliverables to our clients and as such, are removed or suspended due to lack of activity
  • Accounts are deemed “Unresponsive” if there are unanswered requests
  • Inactivity hinders the progress and we need to ensure that the right freelancers are kept busy




Payouts for Completed/Approved tasks

  • Only tasks that have been completed & approved prior to the end of day on Friday’s 7pm EST are available for payouts on Monday
  • Task Team payouts are issued on Monday’s via Paypal
  • All Task Team freelancers must have an active paypal account
  • As freelancers are independent contractors they are not employee’s of task team and are subject to the 3.4% (subject to change based on Paypal requirements for transaction fees) transaction fee being deducted from submitted payments
  • Task Team cannot withhold transaction fees applicable to issuing payouts are subjected to Paypal guideline requirements for payment submissions


Cancellations & Refund

  • Not available for current or past/previous months
  • Cancellation notices must be issued/submitted no later than 5days prior to start of new month
  • Allow 3-5 days processing time for refund
  • To begin the cancellation process, please email your Team Lead who will be able to initiate the cancellation process. All email requests will be managed upon receipt.
  • It’s important to us that you finalize your membership process including testing, in a timely manner. Should you not meet our requirements in any of the areas required for skillset, we will happily refund your membership dues providing you have not exceeded 10days of finalizing your membership. Post 10days, an 80% refund will be completed to memberships still in the preliminary stage.


Confidentiality Agreement

  • A confidentiality agreement is a non-disclosure agreement which is required to be signed by each freelancer
  • NDA’s are in place to provide our clients with the support they need for protecting information, ideas, transaction details, and more from being revealed to sources outside of the Task team environment during the course of a business deal, project
  • Violation of NDA’s will result in legal action

Freelance Privacy Statement

Your privacy is of the utmost important to us here at Task Team. At no time will Task Team share your personal information without your written consent/permission. All information collected pertaining to our freelancers / Independent contractors is done so with following purposes – to confirm their identity at time of sign up to ensure they are not superimposing on someone else’s credentials or identity and verify the skill-set of the individual.


All information collected is kept in strict confidence and will not be shared with Freelancers, or any external entity. We will cooperate with all legal entities in the event that your personal information is required based on confirmed legal documentation.


We maintain a strict code of confidentiality with data collected from our freelance team as well as customers.


1. Can anyone freelance with Task Team?

No, not everyone can be a part of Task Team. Task team has a strict mandate, ensuring that all freelancers:

  • Reside in Canada or USA
  • Must be fluent in English (polished verbal/written) /strong communicator
  • Have the required skill set to support the task
  • Proven results
  • If someone has signed up, and upon interview or testing is rejected they will be refunded in full, and removed from our environment
  • If someone has signed up, passed testing and does not fulfill their role, they will be immediately removed from our environment
2. What makes Task Team different from other freelance environments?

Task Team is different in a number of ways – but here are a few points that were established based on our mandate:

  • High level of Professional standards
  • Zero biding on projects/tasks
  • Zero credits required for accepting tasks
  • Zero freelance proposals required
  • Zero overseas competition and under bids within our environment
  • Flat monthly membership due paid by term
  • Cancel membership at any time (see cancellation section)
  • Assigned to tasks based on your skill set
  • Assigning skilled freelancers to available tasks
  • Transparent task values (always know, how much you will be paid for each completed task)
  • Prompt Issuing of payments
  • We take care of all client management
3. How do I get started on Task Team?

Everyone’s got talent – tell us about yourself!

  • Sign up (include resume)
  • Purchase the appropriate membership
  • Schedule your interview
  • Finalize testing
  • Create your profile & Start Tasking
4. As a freelancer for task team, am I considered an employee?

No, you are considered an independent contractor or Freelance associate and not an employee of Task Team.

We are procuring your talent and skill-set to complete a designated task.

5. Can I advertise my own business within the Task Team environment?

No, the task Team environment does not allow business promotion, as each freelancer is a contractor for Task Team

6. Will I receive work training within Task Team?
  • No, Task Team has established an environment for professionals that are experienced and qualified within their specialties.
  • Each Freelancer is an independent contractor which is providing service to our environment and being paid to complete assigned tasks on time
  • It is the responsibility of the freelancer assigned the task to complete each assigned task.
  • Task Team is not a training program – we are an independent work force
  • While your Team Lead is able to provide clarification from the client for long term assignments, as well as review your completed task – the work completed by the freelancer reflects their level, and qualification.
  • NCR’s received by a freelancer for poor task completion, will result in removal from the task team community
  • For more information, see “Freelance Term Violation”
7. As a freelancer, why do I have a membership fee?
  • It’s easy – our site does not maintain inactive memberships. We want serious freelancers/Independent contracts to stay active, and keep tasking.
  • Your low cost membership confirms that you are serious, about freelancing and covers the following:
  • Removal of spam and other targeted, unprofessional nuisances from our environment
  • Cost associations of maintaining your profile, access to tools & perks
  • Ensures we have the right people working in our environment & maintains a professional atmosphere
  • How much is a membership on Task List?
  • Our low cost memberships can be easily recovered once you’ve begun tasking on Task List. There are no limits in the amount of tasks you are assigned, and all scheduling happens around your availability


For membership see:  Membership Fee (below FAQ’s)

8. What is the role of a "Team Lead"?
  • Your designated team is the bridge between Client and freelancer
  • Team Captain
  • They ensure that you have the necessary level of details required to complete your assigned task
  • They ensure the tasks completed by the freelancer is reviewed prior to client approval
  • There to support Client and Freelancer with concerns and recommendations
9. How do I get paid by Task Team?
  • All freelancers are issued payment via PayPal
  • Payments are issued weekly on Monday
  • Payout $’s are finalized on confirmed/completed tasks once approved. Completed assignments must be completed prior to Friday cut-off time
  • Tasks that are in process or pending approval are not considered complete.
10. When is a membership inactivated by Task Team?
  • Memberships are deemed inactive if a Freelancer has not provided availability days and times.
  • On leave for more than 2wks of unscheduled availability
  • Repeated Declined tasks submitted during availability dates/times (NCR)
11. What does NCR stand for?
  • NCR’s are known as Non-Conformance Reports
  • NCR’s are issued to establish the root cause of a service breakdown by a freelancer. As Task Team strives to build a community of reliable, efficient professionals and establish a reputation on providing A-List service to businesses across North America – we will not compromise our deliverables and task execution to our clients.
  • NCR’s may result in termination from the task team
12. Can I freelance in other freelance in other environments?
  • Yes! Your role with Task Team is one that allows you to work for other organizations or freelance sites. You are not an employee of task team. The work that you complete for our clients, through our service is 100% confidential, that’s why you sign a Non-disclosure agreement.
  • In the event that you would like to receive a reference for work that you have done, your Team Lead is a great point of contact that can vouch for the great work you’ve completed, and provide you with a Task Team reference!